Avezzano and Alba Fucens, Abruzzo, Italy, May 2001


The cathedral and Piazza del Risorgimento.

Il Tribunale

Il Tribunale (the courthouse).

Il Municipio

Il Municipio (City Hall).

Avezzano, general view

November 1999:
Avezzano (696 meters/2283 feet), looking northwest to Monte Velino (2487 meters/8159 feet).

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Bar Olimpia

Bar Olimpia, where the happening people meet.

Castello Orsini

March 1999:
Castello Orsini, before the trees were cut down.

Castello Orsini

Castello Orsini, present view (May 2001).


Poppies at the roadside.

More poppies

A beautiful field of poppies.

Oldest house in Avezzano

The only house in Avezzano that didn't fall down during the earthquake of 13 January 1915.

Park, Saturday afternoon

Little boy enjoying a piggyback ride in the park by the castle, Saturday afternoon.

Meeting and greeting

Meeting and greeting in via Corradini, Saturday night.

Diabetes event

An antidiabetes fund-raiser and happening, Sunday morning.

Bike ride

Bike ride, part of the same event.

Bike ride

Rolling down the hill on via Garibaldi.

Road to Alba Fucens

On the road to Alba Fucens, Sunday morning (on foot).

Large version.

Alba Fucens

Ruins of Alba Fucens, from Roman times.


Sheep wandering among the ruins.

Many thanks to my friends at Italia Nostra, Sezione di Avezzano and all the other wonderful people who drove me around to beautiful places and explained everything to me and helped make this trip a really special one!

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