Business and Finance Books I Worked On, 1990-1999

(Complete list 1994-1999; selected list previous to that)


Global Literacies: Lessons on Business Leadership and National Cultures (what we can learn about doing business from 26 world cultures) by Robert Rosen, Patricia Digh, Marshall Singer, and Carl Phillips, Simon & Schuster (copyedited)

The Capitalist Philosophers (short bios of businesspeople who have made a difference) by Andrea Gabor, Times Books (copyedited)

Keep the Family Baggage out of the Family Business: Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins That Destroy Family Businesses by Quentin J. Fleming, Simon & Schuster (copyedited)

The Nudist on the Late Shift (adventures in Computerland) by Po Bronson, Random House (copyedited)


The Plot to Get Bill Gates (intrigue in the computer and software industry) by Gary Rivlin, Times Business (copyedited) (To see the author's kudo for Lynn's work on this book, click here.)

The Entertainment Economy by Michael J. Wolf, Times Business (copyedited)

Wear Clean Underwear: Using Mom's Fundamental Lessons to Run an Extraordinary Business (how we can all learn from the things we were taught as children) by Rhonda Abrams, Villard (copyedited)

Losing My Virginity (a memoir) by Richard Branson, Times Business (proofread)

Your Move: Effective Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People by G. Richard Shell, Viking (copyedited) How to Create a Profitable Business Strategy for the Internet and Beyond by Patricia B. Seybold with Ronni T. Marshak, Times Business (copyedited)

Leaders Under Fire (object lessons from various fields for today's business leaders) by Michael Useem, Times Books (copyedited)

The Top 100 International Growth Stocks: Your Guide to Creating a Blue-Chip International Portfolio for Higher Returns and Reduced Risk by Peggy Edersheim Kalb and Scott E. Kalb, Simon & Schuster (copyedited)


Conquering Your Financial Stress: The Five-Point Plan for Generating True Wealth by Bruce Eaton, Random House (proofread)

The Money Club: The Park Avenue Women's Guide to Personal Finance by Marilyn Crockett and Diane Terman Felenstein with Dale Burg, Simon & Schuster (proofread)

Apple: The Inside Story of Intrigue, Egomania, and Business Blunders (the story of the rise and fall of Apple Computer) by Jim Carlton, Times Business (copyedited)

Dangerous Company (asks whether business consulting services have actually been good for businesses) by James O'Shea and Charles Madigan, Times Books (proofread)

Global Bargain Hunting: The Investor's Guide to Profits in Emerging Markets by Burton J. Malkiel and J. P. Mei, Simon & Schuster (copyedited)

The Highwaymen: Warriors of the Information Superhighway (compilation of columns from The New Yorker) by Ken Auletta, Random House (proofread)

The Self-Destruction of Europe (how European countries' policies since World War II have led to their current economic and social situation) by John Newhouse, Pantheon (copyedited)

The American Bar Association Guide to Workplace Law, Times Books (proofread)

A Zebra in Lion Country: Ralph Wanger's Investment Survival Guide by Ralph Wanger with Everett Mattlin, Simon & Schuster (proofread)


Everything You Know About Investing Is Wrong! (how to make prudent investment decisions by William H. Gross, Times Business (copyedited)

Shadow Shoguns: The Rise and Fall of Japan's Postwar Political Machine by Jacob Schlesinger, Simon & Schuster (copyedited)

The AEC Technology Survival Guide: Managing Today's Information Practice by Kristine K. Fallon, John Wiley & Sons (prepared manuscript for publication) (To see the author's kudo for Lynn's work on this book, click here.)

Being Direct: How I Learned to Make Advertising Pay (memoirs by the originator of direct marketing) by Lester Wunderman, Random House (copyedited)

Hope Is Not a Method: Lessons for Business from the Transformation of America's Army by Gordon R. Sullivan and Michael B. Harper, Times Business (copyedited)


Restoring Prosperity: How Workers and Managers Are Forging a New Culture of Cooperation by Wellford W. Wilms, Times Business (copyedited) (To see the author's kudo for Lynn's work on this book, click here.)

The Thinker's Toolkit: Fourteen Skills for Making Smarter Decisions in Business and in Life by Morgan D. Jones, Times Business (copyedited) (To see the author's kudo for Lynn's work on this book, click here.)

Rethinking America: A New Game Plan from the American Innovators: Schools, Business, People, Work (a comparison of U.S., Japanese, and German schooling and corporate styles) by Hedrick Smith (To see the author's kudo for Lynn's work on this book, click here.)


The Most Powerful Bank: Inside Germany's Bundesbank by David Marsh, Random House (proofread)

An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, Modern Library (proofread)

The Outlaw Bank: A Wild Ride into the Secret Heart of BCCI by Jonathan Beaty and S. C. Gwynne, Random House (proofread)

Trust Me (on Charles Keating and the savings and loan débâcle) by Charles Bowden and Michael Binstein, Random House (proofread)


The Myth of Free Trade: A Plan for America's Economic Revival (opinions on international commerce) by Ravi Batra, Scribner's (copyedited)

Juggernaut: The German Way of Business: Why It Is Transforming Europe--and the World (how and why German business made it big) by Philip Glouchevitch, Simon & Schuster (copyedited)


The Money Bazaar (on currency trading) by Andrew Krieger, Times Books (copyedited)


Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt (humor on business) by Harvey Mackay, Ballantine (proofread)

The Man Who Discovered Quality (on the Japanese founder of quality principles in business and manufacturing) by Andrea Gabor, Random House (copyedited)

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