Scientific and Medical Books and Journals I Worked On, 1986-1999

(Complete list 1994-1999; selected list previous to that)



Of Two Minds: The Growing Disorder in American Psychiatry by Tanya Luhrmann, Knopf (copyedited)

The Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia (facts and theories about our universe) by David Darling, Times Books (copyedited)

Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide by Kay Redfield Jamison, Knopf (copyedited)


Time, Love, Memory: A Great Biologist and His Quest for the Origins of Behavior (about fruit-fly genetic experiments and the people who carried them out) by Jonathan Weiner, Knopf (copyedited)


One of a Kind: How Temperament and Experience Create the Individual by Winifred Gallagher, Random House (copyedited)


Mapping Fate (the story of the search for the Huntington's disease gene) by Alice Wexler, Random House (copyedited)

Radical Surgery: What's Next for America's Health Care (a prescription for health care reform by a former secretary of health, education and welfare) by Joseph A. Califano, Jr., Times Books (proofread)


The Plague Makers (on overuse of antibiotics) by Jeffrey A. Fisher, Simon & Schuster (proofread)


The Well Dog Book (advice from a veterinarian) by Terri McGinniss, Random House (copyedited) (LG alternate selection)


Signal and Sense: Local and Global Order in Perceptual Maps (neuroscience), Gerald M. Edelman, W. Einar Gall, and W. Maxwell Cowan, eds., Wiley-Liss (copyedited)

Morphoregulatory Molecules (neuroscience), Gerald M. Edelman and Jean-Paul Thiery, eds., Wiley-Interscience (proofread)

Thalamic Oscillations and Signaling (neuroscience) by Mircea Steriade, Edward G. Jones, and Rodolfo R. Llinás, Wiley-Interscience (copyedited, proofread)


Auditory Function: Neurobiological Bases of Hearing (neuroscience), Gerald M. Edelman, W. Einar Gall, and W. Maxwell Cowan, eds., Wiley-Interscience (copyedited, proofread)

Topobiology: An Introduction to Molecular Embryology (neuroscience) by Gerald M. Edelman, Basic Books (proofread)

Through Divided Minds: Probing the Mysteries of Multiple Personalities--A Doctor's Story by Robert S. Mayer, Doubleday (copyedited)

A Taste of My Own Medicine: When the Doctor Is the Patient (a doctor falls ill) by Edward Rosenbaum, Doubleday (copyedited) (basis of the movie The Doctor)


Neural Darwinism: The Theory of Neuronal Group Selection (neuroscience) by Gerald M. Edelman, Basic Books (proofread)

Synaptic Function (neuroscience), Gerald M. Edelman, W. Einar Gall, and W. Maxwell Cowan, eds., Wiley-Interscience (proofread)

Who Goes First? The Story of Self-Experimentation in Medicine (human guinea pigs and how they contributed to medical discoveries) by Lawrence K. Altman, Random House (copyedited)


The Brain Team (a neurosurgeon tells all) by J. Kenyon Rainer, Random House (copyedited)



Journal of Heredity Oxford University Press (proofread) (quarterly)


American Journal of Preventive Medicine Oxford University Press (copyedited, proofread) (bimonthly)

Annals of Sports Medicine Oxford University Press (proofread) (quarterly)


Journal of Neuroscience Oxford University Press (proofread) (monthly)

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