Textbooks I Worked On, 1986-1997

(Complete list 1994-1997; selected list previous to that)


Marketing Research (1st ed.) by Seymour Sudman (copyedited)

Communicating Effectively (5th ed.) by Saundra Hybels and Richard L. Weaver II (proofread)

In the Balance: A Thematic Global History by Goucher et al. (copyedited)

Physical Anthropology: The Core (2d ed.) by Philip L. Stein and Bruce M. Rowe (copyedited)


"Solutions Manual" for Auditing: A Systematic Approach by William F. Messier (copyedited)

Money, Banking, and Financial Markets by Lloyd B. Thomas, Jr. (copyedited)

Delinquency in America by Robert Regoli and John Hewitt (proofread)

Microeconomics and Behavior (3d ed.) by Robert H. Frank (proofread)

Read, Write, React: An Integrated Approach to Reading and Writing by Lonna H. Smith and Robert J. Ramonda (copyedited)


Auditing: A Systematic Approach by William F. Messier (copyedited)

Perspectives on Cognitive Change in Adulthood and Aging by Thomas M. Hess and Fredda Blanchard-Fields, eds. (copyedited)

The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business (10th ed.) by Corley et al. (proofread)

Strategic Management (2d ed.) by Alex Miller (copyedited)

Excellence in Business Communication by John V. Thill and Courtland L. Bovée (copyedited)


Public and Private Families by Andrew J. Cherlin (copyedited)

The International World of Electronic Media by Lynne Gross (proofread)

Physical Anthropology: The Core (5th ed.) by Philip L. Stein and Bruce M. Rowe (proofread)

Managing Human Resources (4th ed.) by Wayne Cascio (copyedited)

Adolescent Psychology: A Developmental View (3d ed.) by Norman A. Sprinthall and W. Andrew Collins (copyedited)

Contemporary Supervision (2d ed.) by Betty R. Ricks and Anne S. Daughtrey (copyedited)

Intermediate Accounting (5th ed.) by Lanny G. Chasteen et al. (copyedited)


A Short History of Western Civilization (8th ed.) by Richard E. Sullivan, Dennis Sherman, and John B. Harrison (copyedited)

The American School (3d ed.) by Joel Spring (copyedited)


Case Problems in International Finance, W. Carl Kester and Timothy A. Luehrman, eds. (proofread)

Quality Planning and Analysis: From Product Development Through Use by Joseph A. Juran and Frank M. Gryna, Jr. (copyedited)

The McGraw-Hill Book of Poetry, Robert DiYanni and Kraft Rompf, eds. (copyedited)


Clinical Pharmacology, Kenneth L. Melmon, ed. (proofread)

Financial Accounting by Robert K. Eskew and Daniel L. Jensen (proofread)

"Test Bank," "Study Guide," and "Solutions Manual" for Financial Accounting by Robert K. Eskew and Daniel L. Jensen (copyedited)

The American Century: A History of the United States Since the 1890s by Walter LaFeber (proofread)


Western Civilization: Images and Interpretations (3d ed.) by Dennis Sherman (proofread)

Perspectives in Economic Thought by Martin Speckler (proofread)


Nutrition Almanac (3d ed.) by John D. Kirschmann and Lavon J. Dunne (proofread)


The Metabolic Basis of Inherited Disease (6th ed.) by Charles R. Scriver et al. (proofread)

Intuitive Digital Computer Basics by Thomas Frederiksen (proofread)


Industrial Motor Control Fundamentals (4th ed.) by Robert L. McIntyre and Rex Losee (proofread)

Magnetic Recording, Vol. 2: Computer Data Storage by C. Dennis Mee and Eric D. Daniel (proofread)

Statistical Quality Control (6th ed.) by Eugene G. Grant and Richard S. Leavenworth (proofread)

Applied Mathematics for Business, Economics, and the Social Sciences by Frank S. Budnick (proofread)


Schaum's Outline of Human Anatomy and Physiology by Kent Van De Graaff and R. Ward Rhees (proofread)

Introduction to Psychology (3d ed.) by Linda L. Davidoff (proofread)

Understanding Psychology by Robert S. Feldman (proofread)

Dermatology in General Medicine (3d ed.) by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick and J. M. Freedberg (proofread)

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