My Trip to Italy, 14-24 March 2000

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Elephant by Bernini

17 March:
Rome: My favorite elephant, by Bernini, in front of the church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva.

Bernini's elephant and Santa Maria sopra Minerva

17 March:
Rome: The elephant and church facade newly cleaned for the Jubileum; note obelisk with Egyptian symbols.

The beach at Anzio

19 March:
The beach at Anzio: Young girl with ice lolly looking out over the water.

The beach at Anzio, with restaurant

19 March:
Anzio, with beachfront restaurant (closed because it was out of season).

Villa Nerone

19 March:
Anzio: The ruins of the emperor Nero's seaside villa.

The lighthouse at Anzio

19 March:
Anzio: Looking back from Nero's villa to the lighthouse.

Lynn and Gianluca at Anzio

19 March:
Anzio: With my new Italian colleague, Gianluca Marino.

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Castello Orsini, Avezzano

21 March:
Avezzano: Castello Orsini.

Castello Orsini, with bear coat of arms

21 March:
Avezzano: Castello Orsini, showing the coat of arms of the bears, which are also the symbol of the region, Abruzzo.

The cathedral, Avezzano

21 March:
Avezzano: The cathedral.

Street scene with Monte Velino

21 March:
Avezzano: Street scene with Monte Velino.

City hall, Avezzano

21 March:
Avezzano: The Court (il Tribunale).

House in the shape of a tiny castle

22 March:
Tiny castle seen from the road from Nettuno to Anzio.

The port, Anzio

22 March:
Anzio: The port.

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