A Walk from Margate to Broadstairs Along the North Sea Coast of Kent, England

Path from cliffs to beach

Path from the top of the cliffs down to the beach.

Limestone cliffs

Big limestone cliffs, Palm Bay.

Heather and bracken

Heather and bracken, top of the cliffs at Botany Bay.

Big standing rock

Big standing rock, Botany Bay.

Lookout tower

Remains of a very old lookout tower at the point.

Kingsgate Castle

Kingsgate Castle (built 1760)--now a condominium!

Captain Digby pub

View from near Kingsgate Castle west toward the Captain Digby pub.

Kingsgate Castle

Kingsgate Castle condominium--nice to come home to!

Half-timbered house

Lovely half-timbered house at the edge of the cliff.

North Foreland lighthouse

The North Foreland lighthouse.

Barnaby Rudge pub

The Barnaby Rudge pub. (Charles Dickens once lived in Broadstairs; hence the allusion to one of his novels.)

View of Broadstairs

View of Broadstairs and the North Sea.


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