Lynn at Villa d'Este, September 2003

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November 1985-present: Freelance copy editor, researcher, and proofreader (to see a list of projects I have worked on, click here).

January 1984-October 1985: Office temporary, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Exeter, England.

August-December 1983: Editorial assistant, International Jewish Peace Union, Paris, France.

I copyedited two monthly English-language journals, most of the articles for which were written by authors whose native language was not English, and checked translations into French for the French-language editions of the journals.

April 1982-March 1983: News editor and broadcaster, News in English, Danmarks Radio, Copenhagen.

I condensed 24 hours' worth of telex reports from Associated Press, Reuters, and Agence France-Presse into a five-minute script and read the script on the air. The size of my audience was estimated at one-half to one million.

July 1981-September 1982: Editorial assistant, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, Copenhagen.

I edited copy for one monthly and one quarterly Danish-language magazine (Kontakt and Udkig), proofread the set copy, checked layouts and maps, and did picture research at a commercial photo agency.

January-June 1981: Office temporary, Copenhagen.

September 1978-December 1980: Secretary and translator, Danish Medical Group, Amnesty International, Copenhagen.

I administered the Medical Letter-Writing Group and translated and edited medical reports on torture victims. I continued to work for AI as a freelance translator until I left Denmark in April 1983.

June 1977-August 1978: Office temporary, Copenhagen.

July 1974-April 1977: Copy editor, People Weekly and Life Special Reports, New York.

July 1971-June 1974: Freelance travel marketing writer, copy editor, researcher, and proofreader for book and magazine publishers in the United States and England.

Further information: I speak, read, and write Danish, speak and read French, speak, read, and write Italian at an intermediate level, and read German, Norwegian, Swedish, and Dutch. I also have an extensive reference library at home, including foreign-language dictionaries for a number of languages and travel guides to and maps of many countries.

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