My Study Tour to Rome, Autumn 1997

The Tiber and Saint Peter's Basilica

The Tiber and Saint Peter's Basilica.


Albergo della Lunetta, exterior

The hotel I first stayed in, Albergo della Lunetta on the Piazza del Paradiso.

Albergo della Lunetta, interior courtyard

Albergo della Lunetta, interior courtyard.

Albergo della Lunetta

The passageway to my room (through open door at the left) and the stairs to the rooftop.

Church of Sant'Andrea della Valle

The view from my room: the cupola of the Church of Sant'Andrea della Valle.

Albergo della Lunetta, courtyard

Albergo della Lunetta, courtyard as seen from the roof.

Outdoor shrine near Piazza Navona

Outdoor shrine in a backstreet near Piazza Navona.

Church of Sant'Eustachio

The Church of Sant'Eustachio, newly cleaned.

The Elephant by Bernini

My favorite elephant (by Bernini), in front of the Church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva.

Teatro Argentina

Facade of Teatro Argentina, newly cleaned.

Teatro Argentina

Teatro Argentina, shining in the sun.

View from the Gianicolo over Rome

View of Rome from the Gianicolo (Janiculum Hill), with monument to King Vittorio Emanuele II in the center.

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