My World Trade Center Memorial Page,
November 2001

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I used to go to the World Trade Center in Manhattan a lot. On the days I went into the city to see clients, I would often take the PATH train from Newark Penn Station to the World Trade Center in the morning, and vice versa in the afternoon. On the way, I would often stop into the Borders bookstore to buy a book, or into the health food store to buy herbal teas and vitamins, or at the international newsstand to buy Italian newspapers and magazines.
In fact, I was in the World Trade Center on 10 September 2001, the day before the attack. I took the PATH train from there to Newark Penn Station at 2:32 P.M., just 18 hours before the first plane hit the South Tower on the morning of the 11th! The image of my last walk through Building 5 is burned into my brain. I remember getting off the subway and walking through the brightly lit corridors, through the crowds, past the shops, down the long escalator to the PATH. I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined that I would never see it again. Since then I have talked to many people who were in there not long before the tragedy, and we all feel so fortunate not to have been there on the fatal day.
That's why I made this page, for all my friends who have been there and all those who will never be.

26 December 1994: My cousin's fiancé and me, Exchange Place, Jersey City, New Jersey.

Note, over my friend's shoulder, the arch of the glass-paned Winter Garden in the World Financial Center.

10 October 2001: Same view ... but no more Twin Towers. The red fronts of the buildings at the right are huge drop cloths that have been put up to keep the dust from the earth removal activities off the buildings.

26 December 1994: My cousin and me, with two Port Authority police officers.

10 October 2001: Same view.

10 October 2001: Broadway, looking down Fulton Street. This is Building 5. The beams are still standing but are shockingly charred by the tremendous fire of 11 September. This was the building in which were the shops I went to and from where I took the PATH train on 10 September. At present, pedestrians are not allowed any closer than the east side of Broadway.

Broadway, looking down Dey Street, with the shattered and overhanging end of Building 5 visible. In the background is the Winter Garden of the World Financial Center, all the way on the Hudson River!

Same view.

20 September 2000: Liberty Street facade (composite). This was Building 2, or the South Tower. Building 1, the North Tower, can be seen behind it, at the left.

Liberty Street facade of Building 2, with small vendors.

10 October 2001: Broadway, looking down Cortlandt Street, with a piece of facade still standing. You can clearly see the dust that is constantly being raised by the earthmoving equipment. In addition, as of today (1 November 2001) there are still fires burning deep within the rubble. Imagine the working conditions there!

Liberty Street. The piece of facade that is still standing would have been from the side of the same building as shown two frames above. Hanging off the buildings at the left you can see more of the red antidust dropcloths.

Same view. The building in the background is in the World Financial Center.


When the memories of all this, along with the current worries about the war and anthrax, get to be too much, I go out and take a walk along the beach here in Long Branch and breathe the salt sea air. You can, too--"virtually"--click here!

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